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Ringo Madlingozi,
The Phenomenon.

There are many ways in which people describe Ringo Madlingozi, THE PHENOMENON.

Many of these descriptions are based on their individual experiences of how Ringo’s music has affected them. He was originally named Sindile by his parents, but his mother later gave him the nickname Ringo, because of his talents (drumming & singing), which he started displaying as early as the age of 3.  Giving him this name was by no means a coincidence, as his destiny and life’s vision would later reveal. If one breaks the name down into its elements to describe Ringo, one would realize how fitting this name is for him.

The name Ringo broken down


Rhythm:  Ringo was born with rhythm in his heart and he is in tune with and controls the rhythm of the stars in the Universe.

Inspiring: His music and the messages in it are inspiring to the mind and souls of those who have embraced it and allowed it to touch them.

Nurturing:  Ringo’s nature as a nurturer is something that does not only begin and end with his family; it is something that is part of his true nature.

Great: Ringo believes that greatness is something that all human beings are born with.  As a deeply spiritual person, he has embraced his own greatness and has allowed it to humble him.

Original: Originality is the only way one can describe him, as he has not allowed any external influences to define his sound and creativity.

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